Federation of Gay Games (FGG)

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Federation of Gay Games (FGG)

We are athletes, artists and activists, united to support the “Games that Change the World”

Since the first Gay Games in 1982, the Federation of Gay Games has promoted equality in and by sport and culture and ensured that the Gay Games, the world’s largest sports and culture festival open to all, take place every four years under the founding principles of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™.



en 2018 c’est Paris qui a été désigné pour organiser les 10 eme gay games

The Gay Games , an event open to everyone

The Gay Games are not just homosexuals . Regardless of sexual orientation , origin, age, level , disability , everyone is invited to participate in this great international sporting and cultural event that celebrates diversity . No performance criteria are required to register.
That’s the spirit of the Gay Games !

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